By Ashley DawidowiczTech It Forward

Running a start-up is a journey full of challenges, and I love challenges’, I like to face challenges and to “tackle” them.” From the army to the civilian world, Dr.Oren Eytan tells us about his journey in the cyber field.

My name is Oren Eytan, I am the CEO of odix. I have a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Tel Aviv University, a master’s degree and a doctorate from the University of Texas at Harrington. I served 25 years in the IDF. The last position I held was Head of the Cipher…

By Méryl AssayagTech It Forward.

We will never cease to be amazed by the journeys of the incredible entrepreneurs we meet. Today, Daniel Gorlovetsky shares with us how in search of new challenges, he created his company, Tigon Recruiter.

I am what we call a PC kid. I’ve been around computers since I was 10 and turned it professionally when I turned 17. It started with web development and then I switched to mobiles when it started booming. My journey was a bit in reverse. I started off without any formal education. …

by Ashley Dawidowicz

Now it’s time for the final pitch!

The startups definitely have their plates full and will now have to work extra hard to prove on January 12th to our Israeli and International judging panel who deserve to be the number 1!

As a reminder: the winner of next week’s Israeli Startup World Cup will represent Israel and compete for 1 million Dollars investment in San Francisco in front of a worldwide audience of investors and tech influencers!

Our esteemed and talendent panel of judges will be: Bill Reichert, Partner at Pegasus Ventures, Tal Dori, CEO at IBI…

By Méryl AssayagTech It Forward.

It’s always exciting to meet with entrepreneurs, exchange with them their journey, their company and their projects. Last week, we had the chance to interview Avichai Belitsky, CEO of the rising startup Youtiligent!

I started my way in tech 20 years ago. I launched the first engine that generates automated websites based on templates. It was a great success. I then proceeded as the CEO of a few websites such as REST, the leading restaurant website in Israel, bringing the first food delivery app for mobiles to Israel. …

by Ashley Dawidowicz- Tech It Forward

Vietnamese startup Abivin takes home grand prize at Startup World Cup 2019 in San Francisco, California

So, what is “Startup World Cup”?

Startup World Cup is one of the largest and leading global annual startup competitions worldwide. Created by Pegasus Tech Ventures, the Startup World Cup team, together with local regional partners, scout for the most promising startups from over 50 regions worldwide. From 12,000 startups only one startup will be crowned as the global winner in the grand final and win an investment prize of 1,000,000 USD!

The previous edition of SWC reached millions of people from global startup ecosystems and generated 200+ media stories, 50 partnership countries, and…

A 2 years partnership to help Israeli companies hire international talent.

Here is a summary of our HR tech tours, full of joy, challenges and opportunities. From on-site to offline:

by Méryl AssayagTech It Forward.

What a wonderful experience we had meeting with the travel photographer, entrepreneur, CEO and soon to be dad, Eduardo Feldman. This passionate photographer, whose pictures have been featured twice on National Geographic front page (!), shared with us how Covid-19 made him pivot his startup Phloc from #traveltech to #edutech.

I lived my entire life in Mexico City until 2 years ago, when I moved to Israel with my wife. I studied industrial psychology but my true passion has always been photography and travel.

Upon completing my degree, I worked in HR for…

by Méryl AssayagTech It Forward.

While maintaining the safe ‘two-meter distance’ and trying to recognize each other with masks on, it was still a fantastic afternoon and a great pleasure to interview Beny Rubinstein! Beny is a Brazilian serial entrepreneur, with over 15 years of experience at Microsoft and now a mentor, advisor and guidance provider for many Israeli startups.

I was born and raised in Brazil. After my university studies I decided to move and complete my MBA in the US. Upon my graduation, I joined Microsoft and collaborated on several incubation groups as an “intrapreneur”.


Last week we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Nimrod Cohen, Managing Partner at TAU Ventures, who have recently invested in YOUTILIGENT.

We would love to hear a short introduction and how you entered the field of Venture Capital

It all started with basketball actually. I played as a professional basketball player. During my basketball career, I completed my studies in Law and Business, and launched my first startup (this was back in 2005!). The startup provided investors services within the stock market. Just 18 months after launching this platform, things accelerated and the startup was sold to financial…

As a marketing consulting and tech events agency, Tech It Forward is always fascinated to hear and share our entrepreneurs’ stories.

We had the pleasure to have a coffee with Amit Kochavi, a 22 years old entrepreneur based in Tel Aviv, and founder and CEO of Circles. This Forbes 30 under 30, shared with us his personal story and path into the entrepreneurs world, how his ‘’baby’’, Circles, was launched and what are his expectations for the future.

Tell us about your background and how you got into the startup scene

I started my way in the startup world when…

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