• Beny Rubinstein

    Beny Rubinstein

    Accomplished hands-on entrepreneur with strategy consulting and Venture Capital experience. Former Microsoft Cloud & AI executive. Startups Strategic Adviser.

  • Minesh A. Jethva

    Minesh A. Jethva

    2x Kaggle Expert, Data Scientist working with Sequence Modelling for Time-Series and NLP, and Bioinformatics Researcher @BENGURIONU

  • Leslie Gahnassia

    Leslie Gahnassia

  • Eduardo Feldman

    Eduardo Feldman

  • Nofar Schnider

    Nofar Schnider

    Investor at StageOne Ventures | 8200 alumna | previously a CTO and an Analyst at Nielsen Innovate, a SW Engineer and an Engineering Manager in several startups

  • Dotan Bar Noy

    Dotan Bar Noy

    Authomize’s Co-founder & CEO. Ex product management leader of the “Infinity Next” platform @ Check Point. Co-Founder and CEO of ForceNock (Aqc by Check Point)

  • Meni Lubetkin

    Meni Lubetkin

    Entrepreneur, Software Development Leader

  • Alexandra Cohen

    Alexandra Cohen

    Driven by leadership and growth. Lover of Israel, innovation and world cultures.

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