From Brazil to Israel via Seattle, London and Dubai: meet Beny Rubinstein, a serial intra.entre.preneur

We would love to hear and learn about your background, where do you come from? What do you do?

I was born and raised in Brazil. After my university studies I decided to move and complete my MBA in the US. Upon my graduation, I joined Microsoft and collaborated on several incubation groups as an “intrapreneur”.

Beny Rubinsteain

WOW! That’s a very cool project to have been part of. How from being part of Microsoft and Office 365 did you find yourself in Israel suddenly?

I have always wanted to come to Israel!

You are experienced with living in three very colorful and different countries - Brazil, US, and Israel. What would you say are the main differences in terms of the startup ecosystem and culture in these three areas?

Each ecosystem is different.

São Paulo

What do you love most about Israel?

I love the energy. People are high in energy and motivation and enjoy experiencing different things. You can continuously learn from everyone all the time.

What achievement are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the health cloud platform I launched for Microsoft in the UK and Canada. This was a very challenging and rewarding project.

How do you spend your time today?

When I first moved to Israel, I had the opportunity to rejoin Microsoft and design, build and run a new sales organization to deliver on the digital transformation of the company and their customers working across the US, UK and the Middle East & Africa (including UAE, Israel, Egypt, South Africa and more). Last year, after 15 years with the company I’ve decided to resign, as most next steps in my career would require to relocate overseas. I fell in love with Israel and wanted to make it my home.

Good luck! And now for our final question, What in your opinion is the most important part of being an entrepreneur?

Research is essential. People underestimate it. People are creative and energized but they don’t invest enough time to really understand the need and the change people need in their lives. When Microsoft wanted me to start working with Africa to drive digital transformation, I had never been there so I told my boss Let’s go there first, let’s meet the people, understand the culture and realize what the business opportunity is and what it’ll take us to succeed. I think this is the important component different immigrants can bring to Israelis and Israeli startups.



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