HR Tech Solving The Soft Skills’ Challenge

January 14, 2019

Image Pitch Career
Image Lee Joffa

What is Pitch Career?

Pitch Career is a recruitment platform using videos and algorithms that enables HR professionals to predict whether a company and its culture will match with candidates’ soft skills. The algorithmic technology behind it helps HR to match perfectly candidates and jobs according to their soft skills, whether they are outgoing or introvert, team player or individualistic, leader or operational. Thus, this technology does not only enable a best fit, but makes people happier, and stay longer in the same work position. Pitch Career will help recruiters and HR professionals to become more strategic and provide greater insights about the candidate for the role’s demands at the earlier stage in hiring processes.

How this business will make an impact in the society?

Through augmenting the wisdom of the crowd and AI, the system will be able to answer many of the questions that haven’t been answered yet with current systems. It can both minimize unconscious bias such as gender, race and age previously prejudicing candidates opportunities to secure jobs. It will also decrease variance between decision makers. If done well, AI represents a significant time saving in terms of hiring process for companies and provide meaningful feedback for candidates.

What is your key driving force?

“Change”. Change occurs everywhere in today’s world in terms of demographic, social, technological aspects. We constantly need to turn them into opportunities.

What makes you so special as an entrepreneur?

“Resilience” The way you recover from change and bad experiences is the most important thing as an entrepreneur.

How do you see Pitch Career in 5 years?

“Until that time, we hope to employ 200 people with various qualifications such as Data Scientists, Psychologists, Neuroscientists, Computer Vision Experts, Talent Retention and Acquisition professionals and many more.”

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