Connecting Appliances Worldwide, Meet Youtiligent’s CEO-Avichai Belitsky

We would love to hear and learn about you and your background. Could you please introduce yourself? What defines you?

I started my way in tech 20 years ago. I launched the first engine that generates automated websites based on templates. It was a great success. I then proceeded as the CEO of a few websites such as REST, the leading restaurant website in Israel, bringing the first food delivery app for mobiles to Israel. I really enjoyed this journey and dealing with disruptive technologies has always been something that I found interesting.

You have a great entrepreneurship experience. Can you tell us more about it and about your thoughts on entrepreneurship?

I’ve always found myself interested in tech that can disrupt and provide a real change and opportunity to the market. Entrepreneurship for me is always about finding the need. I always try to come from the angle of “what is the problem we are trying to solve?”.

Could you tell us about your company, Youtiligent. I read about it and it is an incredible solution! Tell us more about it.

When I met Aviv Levin, the COO and the visioner of Youtiligent with the CTO Vadim Hashansky, I fell in love with the people and the idea. It’s a great solution for a big problem.

Avichai Belitsky

What are the biggest challenges for you as CEO of Youtiligent — and what are the biggest opportunities and rewards?

It’s very challenging to educate the market when you’re bringing something new. Today, manufacturers and service providers don’t imagine that they can connect all their existing appliances and extract data. So when we introduce our unique solution, the biggest challenge is the education and long process. But when we succeed, the satisfaction is limitless because you enable so many companies to work in a much smarter and optimized way.

“Do something that you really believe in.”

TAU Ventures recently invested in your Technology. How was the partnership established and what values are you getting from it?

We pitched to the TAU Ventures team and they really liked our solution. They understood what we had to offer and saw a real opportunity in our technology. Because they’re part of Tel Aviv University, they have connections with labs and universities. We’re now expanding Youtiligent to retail, pharmaceutical and also industry 4.0.

You have experience working with China, Europe, the US and of course Israel. What are your global sales’ directions ?

Our main market is Europe and the US because we’re looking for mid size factories. Small companies don’t have a data team like large ones do. They need Youtiligent to be their data experts. China will be our next stop. Because of the restrictions concerning the Cloud, we still need some adjustments. I also know from experience that you can’t work remotely in China. We’re currently speaking with different Chinese VCs. Once we’ll have the investments, Youtiligent will open a team there as the chinese industry represents a huge opportunity.

What do you see for your company in a year, 5 years, 10 years?

We want to be the Google of the appliances. We want every factory or service provider to be able to use Youtiligent for optimizing their business decisions and maximizing their operations.

I am a business student, very interested in sales and entrepreneurship, and it’s a pleasure to meet you and receive all these rich insights. Would you have tips for 20–25 years old students who would like to become entrepreneurs?

I believe that the most important thing is to believe in what you’re doing. You can sell anything if you really believe in your product…



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