Connecting Appliances Worldwide, Meet Youtiligent’s CEO-Avichai Belitsky

We would love to hear and learn about you and your background. Could you please introduce yourself? What defines you?

You have a great entrepreneurship experience. Can you tell us more about it and about your thoughts on entrepreneurship?

Could you tell us about your company, Youtiligent. I read about it and it is an incredible solution! Tell us more about it.

Avichai Belitsky

What are the biggest challenges for you as CEO of Youtiligent — and what are the biggest opportunities and rewards?

“Do something that you really believe in.”

TAU Ventures recently invested in your Technology. How was the partnership established and what values are you getting from it?

You have experience working with China, Europe, the US and of course Israel. What are your global sales’ directions ?

What do you see for your company in a year, 5 years, 10 years?

I am a business student, very interested in sales and entrepreneurship, and it’s a pleasure to meet you and receive all these rich insights. Would you have tips for 20–25 years old students who would like to become entrepreneurs?



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