Meet the Top 10 finalists of the Startup World Cup Israel 2021

by Ashley Dawidowicz

Now it’s time for the final pitch!

The startups definitely have their plates full and will now have to work extra hard to prove on January 12th to our Israeli and International judging panel who deserve to be the number 1!

As a reminder: the winner of next week’s Israeli Startup World Cup will represent Israel and compete for 1 million Dollars investment in San Francisco in front of a worldwide audience of investors and tech influencers!

Our esteemed and talendent panel of judges will be: Bill Reichert, Partner at Pegasus Ventures, Tal Dori, CEO at IBI Capital, Roy Caner, Senior Partner from EBN, Delia Pekelman, Deputy Head at LeumiTech, Aviv Marom, Dir. Strategic Partnerships at Samsung, Michal Michaeli, Dir. Int. Economic Dev at Tel Aviv Global, Snir Hassidim, Business and Corporate Dev Manager at Checkpoint and Uria Fiano, Serial Entrepreneur & Tech It Forward Board Member.

Ready to meet the top 10?! We are delighted to introduce to you the finalists!

  • Hargol FoodTech specializes in growing large quantities of grasshoppers in captivity as an alternative protein source.

Good luck to you all!

Want to join us on January 12th and hear the fabulous pitches? Register HERE.

More info about the competition at:



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